Quality Airshow Sound & Events
Quality Airshow Sound & Events
Quality Airshow Sound & Events
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PA Sound Systems for Airshows 

Sound Production for Outdoor Events

Quality Airshow Sound & Events provides sound production for any size outdoor event. Established in 1984, we are located in Culpeper, Virginia.

Quality Airshow Sound & Events is owned-and-operated by Bill Troiano, a private pilot himself. We've been in the sound business for more than thirty years.

Quality Airshow Sound & Events
Quality Airshow Sound & Events

Our Sound System & Its Specialization

Our PA Sound System is capable of delivering 30,000 watts of sound power. It is the RMS wattage of our speakers. Which means this is the continuous output wattage. Not the maximum wattage for a split second.

Speakers can be individually controlled so that the sound level can be lowered in certain areas, such as near vendors, without compromising the overall crowd safety and sound level on the field. We'll work side by side with your announcer and aerial acts to make an unforgettable airshow experience. Our prices are affordable and tailored to fit your needs.

Core Values

Customer satisfaction and quality work: You will always find those two things when you hire Quality Airshow Sound & Event for your airshow. We have put in hundreds of hours to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Work

  • Quality Airshow Sound & Events

    PA sound systems for airshows

Quality Airshow Sound & Events
Quality Airshow Sound & Events


Bill, the sound system you provided for our airshow was astounding.  High quality, deep, and high integrity. An excellent sound system is essential to making the show a successful audience experience, and you did that for us. Keep up the outstanding work!

~ Dan Haug
Culpeper Airfest

Bill, your company, did a fabulous job at the Shannon Airport Harvest  Festival 2017!

It was our first airshow in 36 years and without you, it would not have been a success. Thank you for such a great job!

I highly recommend Quality Airshow Sound for any airshow, aviation event, or for that matter any event that needs a quality sound system,  and quality sound system management.

Thanks again!

~ Luke Curtas
Shannon Airport 

I was very impressed by the quality of what Bill presented at the  Shannon Airport Airshow in October 2017. The quality of his sound production added measurably to the overall enjoyment of those in attendance.

~ Dave Young 
President Lynchburg Regional Airshow


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